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Re: Embedded Product

On Tue, Oct 30, 2001 at 01:35:04PM +0900, Isao Nagamori wrote:
> So, reading  home page (http://emdebian.sourceforge.net/news.htm),
> my understanding is that debian is trying to port Linux to embedded hardware.

Well, not entirely correct.  The footnote at the bottom of the home page

	* NOTE: This is an independent project, and is not formally associated
	with Debian. We plan on working closely with Debian, with the goal of
	our work eventually being integrated into the mainstream. 

So it is not Debian that is doing this.

> There are some CPU architectures but there isn't information about
> development board such as PowerPC.  About device driver, if there is that device
> source file for LINUX kernel 2.2 in the Internet, can I use it with emdebian ?

I think either the driver would have to be ported to 2.4 or CML2+OS
backported to 2.2.  Or at least it is my (perhaps mistaken) impression
that CML2+OS is Linux 2.4 specific.  If you want to know for certain,
you should write in the appropriate forum, which is the emdebian-discuss
mailing list:


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