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Re: Propossed Project: Odyssey

On Thu, Oct 25, 2001 at 06:38:45PM -0500, Lex Spoon wrote:
> I think for the kind of money you are talking about, you can hire
> administrators who know Unix.  Honestly: wouldn't you want professional
> (or at least competent) adminstrators for Windows, too?  Ease of Windows
> administration is a myth; hardware upgrades are fairly minor
> administration, and most people who have tried know how difficult this
> can be under Windows.  It only gets worse if you want to set up network
> services, and perhaps even (gasp) some sort of security to protect users
> from each other.
> So, real question is whether you can make *using* the systems easy, not
> whether installing and maintaining them can be easy.  The answer is
> probably yes, but your admin will have to make it a priority (which many
> Unix admins do not).

I would like to agree with this 100%. I've heard many times that people (students) are running BackOriffice and related stuff on Windows machines
at school and the "admins" don't even know what is going on. Thus a Unix sys admin that know what he/she is doing is a key here - IMHO Debian is
very easy to administer (for a sys-admin) as you do not have to worry as much about config file defaults as they are usually sane. Providing a
good job and saving money -- a win-win situation.

OTOH, making a new distribution that is "easy" to administer would take months and the easiness would probably come at a cost of less  flexibility
(or at least you would have to go back the the good old /etc dir).

- Adam

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