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Re: Propossed Project: Odyssey

Better yet, lets convince package maintainers not to unnecessarily update all their dependencies to the latest libs in unstable so that packages can be easily backported with 'apt-get -b source ...' My guess is that 60-90% of the packages in unstable do not require the latest lib versions to build, but that maintainers are defaulting their dependencies to be >= the latest version in unstable for no reason (of course, package name changes and package reorganization can throw a wrench into things). If maintainers default to only depend on what is in stable whenever possible, many many deb packages would compile just fine on both stable and unstable.


Wilmer van der Gaast wrote:

Yesterday at 18:21:63 you wrote the following wise words:

Also, I think there is a lot of need for this sort of work.  I've been
talking to some admins here about starting a project for backporting
sets of packages from unstable to stable to do 3-6month update packs
after stable comes out, the response has been positive.

Now THAT sounds interesting! I surely hope you'll put it on an apt
source on-line somewhere when finished? I do the backports myself now,
but my system is quite a mess, now.. :-( And some programs just take up
too much time to compile.

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