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Re: Propossed Project: Odyssey

Today at 01:12:63 you wrote the following wise words:

> Now, my boss is going to get most of the heat, and he and his managers
> are looking for alternatives.
I wish the ppl at my school were that smart as well...

There are some Debian-based distro's with very nice installers and
things like that already. One of then is Progeny, we have Corel... The
other one can be found via http://www.debianplanet.org/. Problem is that
Progeny is dead now... :-/

Just install Woody as soon as it's stable. It has a nice desktop, a nice
browser (Konqueror, you can even make it support things like ActiveX, so
no blahs about not-supported-by-browser..), and you can install
StarOffice for people who want to write something.

The fact that Linux is more difficult to maintain might just be a bit of
a good thing for schools. On schools the pupils seem to like to mess up
everything they can, and now they can't do that anymore... And cfengine
is said to be a good program for the sysop to configure lots of systems
at once.


Wilmer v/d Gaast.

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