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Re: Propossed Project: Odyssey

Scott Dier <sdier@debian.org> writes:

> > Therefore, I propose a new project: Project Odyssey.  To take the
> > long road from where we (the geeks) now are to create a true

Do you want to create something that 1) can be *used* by anyone, or
something that can also be 2) installed/admined by 'anyone'?  The
first is doable now.

You might have a look at 


for the first case.

> I would attempt to not fork whatever work you do, but provide
> packages that work within debian for these things that track
> unstable and could be released with a future release of debian.

Debian's goals are not to provide ease of use at all costs.  And our
current packages aren't flexible enough, in my opinion, to provide
goal number 2) out of the box.

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