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Re: debian.info

Carlos Laviola <claviola@debian.org> writes:

> What about all other debian.tld domains, like e.g debian.com.br
> (debian.org.br is in safe hands)? Can we really enforce the name
> Debian worldwide and win domain name disputes? (If so, great, but can
> we?)

And do we want to waste money on it. Just having a lot of silly
domains is a wate of resources in my opinion. We have debian.org
because that the gTLD we're belonging to.

Everything would be a lot cleaner if we removed all gTLDs at let
people register any name they wanted on the root level (maybe keep
two leters TLD's for national stuff) or decided that you should only
be able to register you name in one gTLD.

The present solution has only meaning for those who earns money on
people registering their name in multiple gTLDs.

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