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digital photography


I'm writing to you because I just finished a PhD in digital photography,
and developped a bunch of algorithm to create seamless panoramas out of
deveral digital photographs (see

I you look on the market, the product that make these panoramas, are
eiter very expensive (400$) or lack of an appropriate interface.

Since I spent all this time writing these algorithms, I though it would
be nice to make them usefull to somebody.
Now I reached the point where writing an interface is not really among
my interest, but if I think retrospectively, 10 years ago, I would have
loved doing it if somebody would have given me the code to align images.

In other words, I'm looking for somebody who is interested in digital
photography, and has programming skills, but I don't know where to find
somebody like that. so I'm asking you: where should I ask?

many thanks, Dd

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