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Question about how debian gets supported...

To whom I have reached,

	Three years ago I started my own consulting firm here in Chicago. I wanted
to provide quality web hosting and started on a NT 4.0 platform. Boy was
that a mistake, nothing but issues. So we set out on a mission to deploy a
Linux solutions. We started with Red Hat and went down the line. Nothing
came close to our love of Debian and we thank you so much for releasing this
great OS. So over the years we've done quite a few projects and have got
very good with it. We have started to place it in banks, major manufactures,
and offices all over Chicago. Our core business however is still 60%
Microsoft related support. I've often wanted to focus my company on Linux
support only. I am have trouble finding the users though. I know they are
out here, I was wondering if you might have a suggestion on how I might go
about getting my name out in the community. Thank you for your time.


					Brian Schoen
					Real Network Solutions Inc.
					6323 N Avondale
					Suite #116
					Chicago, IL 60631
					(773)631-3404 (fax)

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