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Re: Progress; & How create a mail list for Woody Users?

Sincerely, thank you, Peter, for taking your time to help clarify some
important, relevant issues.  :)

--- Peter Palfrader <weasel@debian.org> wrote:
> On Sun, 23 Sep 2001, tluxt wrote:
> > Thus, applying the principles of accuracy, and the procession from
> > general toward specific, gives us the result for the name:
> > debian-woody-user.
> I don't like the name for various reasons:
>  - woody is just the name of the next release and current testing
>    distribution. 

Under one interpretation of your meaning,
I don't like some implications of your use of the word "just".  
That word trivializes the significance of both
  all the work that will have gone into creating the Woody release
  and all the value that users will obtain from using Woody.

if your point is that woody _"is merely the name"_ (emphasis mine),
  of the distribution, 
I agree with you entirely.

But, given that, what _should_ a list be named after,
  if not the _mere_name_ of what the list is relevant to?

>    What do you suggest should happen to this list
>    once woody becomes stable and we have a new testing, once woody
>    is no longer stable.

Hmmm.  I am guessing you meant to convey: " ... 
1) once Woody becomes stable and we have a new version of Debian
   (with a new version name) under development,
2)  and later, once _that_ version has been released as "stable",
    and Woody is now older than stable, i.e., 
    'the previous version of stable'."

The debian-woody-user list _should_ continue on forever,
or until its existence is no longer worth to the world
  the cost to the world of the list's existence.

>  - We are splitting debian-user. Therefore new lists should have
>    the name debian-user-*.

Definitely not (IMBelief).  

I believe that the criteria for a list's name should give only small
consideration to its parent's name.

I believe the proper criteria for a new Debian list's name should be that
the list name is accurate, concise, relevant, suggestive of what the topic
of the list is, and conveys a world view that helps the Debian project move

I believe, on those criteria, the name I suggested fits perfectly.

(Although I am quite strong in my belief that the values I have stated are
the best ones,  I will look forward to reading any reply you have if you
can show a likely case that I am wrong.)  

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