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Re: RFD: Separate mailing list for users running testing?

--- paulwade@greenbush.com wrote:
> Why not use the word beta in the new list name? That applies to frozen or
> what we are wishing would be frozen. Some combination of the words debian,
> user and beta would work and it won't sound like debian-testing at all.

Thank you for your suggestion! :)

I do not think this would be a good idea, though, because:
1. It introduces a new variable/item ("beta") which is not in:
   "testing unstable woody sid"
   which adds to the confusion level.
2. I often find "beta" to be generally used inaccurately or 
   _very_ loosely.  
   Technically (IMHO, IIRC) it should refer to something 
   which is past alpha, and before gamma 
   (at least as how I understand it to be applied to product/software
   development & testing).
   In the case of debian woody & sid sw, there is no clearly defined
   meanings of "alpha" "beta" and "gamma" wrt debian sw,
   so using that term without a solid definitional foundation
   would be undefined, and thus nonexplicit, 
   resulting in lack of clarity in readers minds.
   Definitely less clear than "testing" "woody" "unstable" or "sid" are.

Valid?  :)

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