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Re: RFD: Separate mailing list for users running testing?

(Update, adding "-user" in four places to correct & clarify.)

--- Chris Halls <chris.halls@nikocity.de> wrote:
> I think both would be best :-)  i.e. more people helping the testing
> group, and a new list for people who are running testing/unstable and
> asking questions on debian-user.

I agree.
> Yes, we need more people to help do the work of the testing group, things
> like trying out the testing versions and trying to find problems to get
> things ready for general release.  And to that end, I did my first Woody
> install from scratch using Woody boot floppies this week!
> I think tluxt's idea was more to do with those users who are not
> necessarily specifically looking to be a tester, but are just trying to
> use Woody on a day to day basis.  


> There are probably quite a lot of people
> in this category, who wouldn't necessarily be all that welcome on
> debian-testing with the nth question about getting soundcards working (and
> your comment on co-opting seems to agree with that).
> However, I think there could well be an advantage in having a seperate
> -user list.  If I look back over the last few of days in debian-user, I
> see several threads about testing/unstable for sound, and a couple for X
> windows and desktop environments.  Now, I was thinking: people who are in
> the testing group and package maintainers who do not want to monitor
> debian-user may be prepared to monitor a -user list just for
> testing/unstable, which is what they're concentrating on in their work.
> And people who are searching the list archives for questions about user
> problems in testing will not need to keep wading through all the other
> questions in debian-user which only apply to stable.  And people runnig
> stable will not be confused by all the traffic that does not apply to
> stable at all.

A great improvement over the current stuation!  :)

> Maybe if there was such a new list, it would be a great place to give
> regular plugs for the testing group :-)

In thinking about the name for this list, I think it should be
for people using the sw currently in the testing and unstable distributions
(unless it would be better to make a separate list for each of those cases).

Therefore I now propose the following list name possibilities:

Unless there are two lists, like:

A comment on your previous suggestion:
> 2. What could we call such a list?  Possible suggestions:
>   debian-user-testing    (ie a debian-user list for those running testing)
>   debian-testing-user    (ie debian-testing for users instead of developers)
>   debian-user-woody      (it would get out of date to soon..)

I don't necessarily think 
would get out of date too soon.
It depends on what will happen with the 'debian-user' list once Woody
is released as stable.  When that happens, will the 'debian-user' list become
about Woody, or remain being about Potato?
If it's about Woody, will another list be created for people who
want to discuss Potato?  Just because a new version comes out doesn't
mean that discussion will cease about the old distribution immediately.

I think it would be best to have a list pertaining to each major
version of debian.  Thus:


It seems to me that Sid won't be a version by itself, correct?
Sid seems to me to be the 'unstable' version of Woody, correct?

> My favourite is debian-user-testing, because debian-testing is so low traffic
> that it does not need to be 'split'.  And I think it's a bit more obvious for
> the actual users themselves.

I think the name "debian-testing-user" follows the pattern of existing 
debian list names better than "debian-user-testing".
The list will be for 'users' of the distribution 'debian-testing(/unstable)'.

Just as debian-user is for 'users' of the distribution 'debian(-stable)'.

Ok, now after having thought about all the above, I believe that:
A new list should be created for users of the Woody distribution
(which is currently under development in the Woody & Sid 
(testing & unstable) branches).
This list would focus on either:
1. Woody user issues, or
2. Woody and Sid user issues.

Perhaps, also, a list should be created for the users
of the Sid (unstable) branch of Woody, to focus strictly on the 
user issues for Sid, (and specifically not about Woody/testing issues).
(Personally, I think this proposal is of secondary importance, and
need not be discussed further at this time.  If, after the creation
of a debian-woody-user list, a strong desire for a debian-sid-user
list occurs, then the issue of creating such a list could be worthwhile
to discuss.):

I think a
list, focusing on issues of using Woody (and Sid)
is the list that should be created now.

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