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Re: LSB 1.0 as it relates to Debian

Andrew Josey writes...

> Many of the test results are FIP result codes, which means that
> Further Information needs to be Provided  in order to resolve
> the result. These are not automatically failures.

But they render the test useless right? In most of the FIP cases it was a 
compiler warning that caused it. Wouldn't it be good to get those cleaned up 
so the tests run?

> Btw, in your digested results files and summaries  it would
> be most useful to keep the relevant test output and importantly
> the result code in their too, otherwise  context is being lost

Well the full report and journal files are there so you can get the context 
from that if you need it. I was trying to generate something that wasn't 559 
pages long.

I think in the future I'll use Chris Yeoh's parser. I wish I had know about it 
before I did the digest this morning :(


Matt Taggart

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