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Your site listed

Pages from your web site at http://www.debian.org have been added to the UK Search Portal, http://www.serenade.co.uk.

I got your email address from the page http://www.debian.org/contact, and just wanted to let you know about your entry, and how to add more pages and "boost" your position in our search engine listings - for free.

If you are not the person responsible for this web site, I am sorry to have contacted you without permission. But you may still find this information useful.

What you can do, all for FREE:
- Search to see which of your pages are already in our search engine database at http://www.serenade.co.uk/search/
- Add pages at http://www.serenade.co.uk/submit/
- Get code to "boost" your position in our search results at http://www.serenade.co.uk/submit/improve/
- Earn money from your web site by joining our Revenue Network at http://www.serenade.co.uk/network/ ...your pay-per-click account will be credited with $5 if you use the Special Bonus code 'reward' when you join the Revenue Network (this is available for a limited time only, but the code is not specific to you so you can pass it on to friends and family)
- If you sell products online, add them to our Internet Shopping database at http://www.serenade.co.uk/shopping/
- If you provide a local service in the United Kingdom, join our Local Links directory at http://www.serenade.co.uk/local_links/
- If you provide a web site design service in the United Kingdom, join our Web Design Directory at http://www.serenade.co.uk/web_services/
- Get automatically updated horoscopes for your web site at http://www.aahoroscopes.com/public/

I hope you find this email helpful,

You are not on a mailing list, and we take care not to send this notification to the same email address again. If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact us.

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