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Hello !!
Dear Gentlemen,
We would want to introduce ourselves shortly, and to propose you our
like software contractor.
We are a company from Bulgaria, which acts like quality software
contractor; we
develop complete finished applications. For this we use mainly "Borland
Delphi", VB, SQL, Visual C++, ASP, VBA, JAVA, Oracle, Java script, HTML,
DHTML, Assembler, WAP, GSP, ISAPI, CGI, etc.
We plan our projects mainly for the operating systems MS "Windows (R)"
95/98, MS
"Windows (R)" NT; these operating systems are complete known for us.
Till now we had developed software products in the following main areas:
with the file subsystem of the operating system at low level, "Shell"
applications, programs, which work with data base, dynamically generated
pages and corporate applications, Internet / Intranet applications with
DHTML, CGI, SQL, mail systems, web design, etc. Also, currently we
applications which must realize a connection between one chip micro
and personal computers, as the same controllers may be worked out in the
Our products are well known on the Bulgarian market; their goal is the
interface, high quality at all levels, speed reaction and perfect
We also enjoy to have steady successful work with two US software
companies; we
develop software projects under their requirements.
However, we also have free working capacity; currently we look for
which to place us an order for software contracting work for a long
terms .
We always highly appreciate any new contacts with such kind companies;
propose our services and experience in the area of software products
Best regards
George Toporov
BulSoft Solutions Ltd
4 Bitriza Str, Rousse 7002, Bulgaria
ph ++359 82 824047
e-fax ++1 775-845-9791
Free mail from www.dir.bg!

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