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The Debian FAQ


Due to the excessive flammage of the LSB on the debian-devel mailing
list, some people started discussing it on IRC. This came of it:

[12:06AM] <edlang> what we need
[12:06AM] <edlang> (and what everybody needs)
[12:06AM] <edlang> is a completely buttkicking Debian FAQ
[12:06AM] <edlang> that is answered based on policy, included standards,
          the general views of the tech-ctte and the DPL
[12:07AM] <bdale> edlang: do I hear a volunteer?  :-)
[12:07AM] <edlang> bdale: well, if I don't get this machine by tomorrow,

So, this is my informal announcement that I may, time allowing, start a
rough FAQ that can either possibly deflect and derail wanton behaviour
on the lists, and also serve as pointer to other interesting
documentation about the Project.

All suggestions, comments, critisicms, and volunteers are welcome.



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