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Thousands of Libranets waddle into Italy.

Always nice to see something like this. Taken from linuxpr.com

Thousands of Libranets waddle into Italy.
Jun 8th, 19:34 UTC

Libranet GNU/Linux has been chosen by the Italian magazine LinuxPro to
be included on a CD distributed with the June 2001 issue of the


NORTH VANCOUVER, BC, June 08, 2001.

Libranet GNU/Linux has been chosen to be included on a CD packaged
with the latest issue of the Italian Linux magazine, LinuxPro.  After
testing the Libranet distribution, the Italian magazine
enthusiastically decided to include Libranet.  Editor Massimo Scabbia
said that "Libranet is the best Debian distribution around. It has all
the power of Debian combined with ease of use." Libranet will be
included with this month's issue which is due to reach the news stands
by June 10th.

LinuxPro will be on sale at Italian news stands only.  Anyone wishing
to order a copy can contact the publishers: Lumina Consulting
    Via Frua, 24
    20100 Milano
    email: linuxpro@lumina-consulting.com

Among the list of packages installed, users will find XFree86 4.0.2,
KDE 2.1.1, GNOME 1.2, and the Linux kernel 2.4.3. Several window
managers are included and a host of applications packages.  Users can
choose between using the standard ext2 filesystem or the ReiserFS
filesystem.  The CD installs over 1GB of top rated software including
industry standards such as the Netscape communications suite.

Libranet offers support for registered users, a users mailing list,
access to installed documentation and a Support Solutions Database.

Libra Computer Systems is the producer of Libranet and is a privately
held company based in North Vancouver, BC, Canada.

For further information, visit www.libranet.com
or email jon@libranet.com.

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