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Re: Win modems

Chris Waters wrote:
> On Fri, May 11, 2001 at 01:13:43AM -0700, bast3d wrote:
> > I wanted to inquire on if Debian is going to include Win Modem support?
> The question should really be: does anyone in the Debian project feel
> like supporting WinModems?  My *personal* take on the matter is that
> WinModems impose too much of a performance penalty on CPUs, and I
> would never use one, which would make it difficult for me to support.
> Bottom line: a) is it free enough (or redistributable enough for our
> non-free archives), and b) is anyone willing to do the work required.

My feeling is:

Most laptops have such things built-in.  This is a fact of life.  I would actually
prefer to be able to use the WinModem built into my laptop, unfortunately no Linux
drivers exist (it's a 3COM mini-PCI ethernet + pseudo-modem) so I am SOL.  My laptop
has a Pentium III 850, which is CPU to burn for this particular task, I hope!

Using a modem is a minor task, but sometimes I am out of the office and connecting
to the internet through dial-up is very important to me.

I think that the Debian project should be only too happy to support [LW]inModems if
there is a Debian developer packaging such beasts.

Personally, if 3COM were to release a driver for my modem (or make available
sufficient information to write one) I would be only too happy to package such a
beast (as well as assisting in whatever way possible in it's genesis).

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