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Re: Win modems

Em Fri, 11 May 2001 01:13:43 -0700
"bast3d" <bast3d@earthlink.net> escreveu:

> I wanted to inquire on if Debian is going to include Win Modem support? With
> hundreds of thousands of Win Modems out there, I think that 'having that base
> covered' would be advantageous to sales to new users and experienced users that
> have extra modems laying that they could put to good use. Hell, Debian could carve
> a niche with doing just that.

most of the drivers for winmodems are proprietary and closed-source, 
Debian is not going to support that kind of driver because of its
Social Contract and the DFSG but if a winmodem driver is under the GPL or 
other free-license it is a probable candidate to enter the main kernel
tree, wich cannot accept non-free drivers too


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