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Future Directions for Debian, my new Roadplan

In honor of my new title, I feel it is time for me to unveil the course
I plan to lay down for Debian. This is a general outline of where I
think Debian should go over the next year. Some of you may recall my
original platform, which is related to here (please read the -vote
archives for references).

Debian Project Status

In May I plan to unviel my proposal to convert Debian to a full
corporate entity, complete with payroll, income, assets, stock, etc.
With the recent (secret) talks about Venture Capital, we should have
roughly $10,000,000 USD with which to begin. All current Developers will
be added to the payroll. Pay will be commensurate with package quality
(bug closing percentages, etc.), total number of packages, aswell as
customer satisfaction.

Once this is done, the Project Leader position (the one I hold) will
become the "CEO" position. As such, it will no longer be an elected
position. I've selected our Board of Directors (very good friends of
mine), who will be the only ones allowed to dismiss and reselect a new
CEO. The Secretary position will become the President of Operations.

SPI will be disbanded, after it is determined who they are and what they
do. Perhaps some of the SPI board will be brought on in the mail room to
work their way up the corporate ladder so to speak.

DFSG and Other Related Documents

The DFSG, Consistution and Social Contract will be scrapped in order to
use the newly authored "Debian Self Serving Guidelines". In this new
document we will outline common practices to increase our bottom line
to make the investors happy. Let's face it, free software is free and we
can't make a profit off of that. We will never enjoy the DotCom Crash of
2001 if we aren't making a profit.

Lies about the CEO/DPL

Any person (Developer or not) found to be starting or contributing to
lies and/or rumours concerning the CEO/DPL will be immediately exhiled
from the project, and any project related events and places. Debian
corporate offices will be notifed, and satisfactory actions will be
taken. Rumours include, but or not limited to, incorrect facts about the
CEO/DPL's demise.

Also, anyone caught speaking or typing unkind words about LDAP and/or
SPARC will be subject to immediate termination (if they do not work for
Debian Co., then "terminate" will be taken in whatever context applies
to that situation). Remember, the UltraSPARC architecture brought you all
a real 64bit system (Alpha is a cheap knockoff) and a true "Correct
Endianess" (PPC just wishes it could work as well). Not to mention a
working 32/64 bit environment (ia64 has nothing on us).

Further information

For further info on Debian Co. please checkout www.msnbc.com, or other
worth while news sites. We will not be posting to /. anymore, since it
does not cater to our new intended audience.

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`  bcollins@debian.org  --  bcollins@openldap.org  --  bcollins@linux.com  '

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