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    My name is Graeme and I am a user of debianppc and have been for
almost a year.  Now my linux knowledge is not amazing but I belive I
have some grasp of the operating system and could offer my knowledge to
new users of the system.  So, to get to the point I was wondering who
I should contact about maybe getting some webspace and a shell to run an
irc bot off of to hold open the #debianppc channel.  For a webpage
I would mostly copy the layout of the official debian webpage and as for
#debianppc I would not tarnish the name of debian nor would i allow
anyone who was in the chanel do so.  I am not looking for money or
anything like that, I just want to offer my help and the help of a few
other debianppc users who are known to have some knowledge, to all of
thoes newbies useing debianppc and or other linux ppc flavour users
wanting to switch to debian.  If you could reply to this and tell me if
I have any chance at all of getting this project up please do so to

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