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Re: Debian GNU/Linux Banners and Logos

On Tue, Feb 20, 2001 at 11:14:15AM +0530, Murali Kumar K wrote:
> Dear sir,
> We have launched a Brand New Site www.softlandindia.com
> SoftLandIndia is a virtual freewares and Sharewares directory. The entries
> are selected with the average Indian user in mind. The aim is for a better,
> powerful and pleasant usage of PC. Software is key to that. With right
> software you can do what you always wanted to do. Browse more and you would
> surely find unknown and/or unexpected gems from this software mine.
> In March 1st Week we are starting a New Section for Linux OS, Applications.
> There we would like to put your Banners and Logos.   Please inform us of
> your consent and instruct us about how to do it.


has our logos, and details their availability/usage.

basically the "Debian Open Use" Logo (the plain swirly) can be used
by anyone to refer to the project (no endorsement implied), while
our "Official Use" Logo is only permitted for use with our approval
(basically, the site details it)

> Our Editorial Panel likes to review your distribution for INDIAN  readers.
> Please send us your complementray CD if you have any.

We do not produce CD's ourselves, however there are images
available, or you can make one with the pseudo image kit

Or you can get one at quite low cost from CheapBytes
(www.cheapbytes.com) or a similar distributor.
(usually about $5 US, plus shipping, basically the media cost).

Brian Russo      <brusso@phys.hawaii.edu>
Debian/GNU Linux <wolfie@debian.org> http://www.debian.org
LPSG "member"    <wolfie@lpsg.org>   http://www.lpsg.org

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