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Re: Dealing with maintainers who are MIA

On Sat, Feb 17, 2001 at 06:21:26PM +0000, Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> There must be better guidelines what to do in such
> cases: it should be easier to do NMUs, to take over packages and to remove
> people from the project.

As far as NMUs go, there are really only three *rules*: make sure you
get it right, make minimal changes, and make sure you put your patches
in the BTS (either against the bugs your fixing, or as a bug of its own:
"Changes in NMU 1.2-3.1").

Contacting first, waiting for permission, etc are polite and desirable,
but you don't *have* to wait for weeks in between, especially for packages
with RC bugs and with the freeze approaching. Also, you are allowed to
fix non-RC bugs and such too.

FWIW, IMHO, etc.


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