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Bidirectional gating of Debian mailing lists through news.nic.it?

I sent this to debian-devel, where it was off-topic:

| The Debian mailing lists are currenty gated by news.nic.it to
| newsgroups in the linux.debian.* hiararchy.
| I have asked  Marco d'Itri <md@linux.it> if he could set up
| bidirectional gating, i.e. also from the NGs to the list.
| Marco said he could do that if the list admins agree, but he also
| would have to update his software.
| His concept is as follows: The NGs are marked moderated, the moderator
| is a bot that approves the postings, sends them to the NG and gates
| them to the list.
| Furthermore, posters would need to register in order to prevent spam.
| The concept with the moderator bot would also prevent mail loops.
| Could anyone authorized to speak for the Debian team present their
| view?
| You can also mail Marco directly, but I am currently in contact with
| him, I would mail him the results.

Adam McKenna objected:

| I am personally not a fan of having my e-mail address plastered all over
| USENET.  I receive a good deal of spam at the address I use to post to this
| list -- now I know why.  Maybe the person who gates this list to USENET could
| do something to obfuscate the e-mail addresses of posters.
whereto I replied
| At the moment it _is_ spreaded all over the Usenet. The question I
| asked was about a bidirectional gating, the unidirectional gating is
| already active.

Remco Rijnders remarked:

| If the idea is to gate everything from a widely spread usenet
| hierarchy to the debian lists, then I am not sure if that would be a
| wise idea. The number of spam incidents will probably increase. Also,
| it makes the "You can spam us if you pay us" rule that exists on the
| debian lists no longer enforcable.

My reply:

| Well, Marco from linux.it said posters would have to register. When
| reguistering, they might also have to agree to that provision.

Finally David N. Welton pointed me to debian-project:
| This has nothing to do with debian development,but is instead related
| to the debian project, and therefore belongs on the -project mailing
| list.
so I repost it here, together with the above summary of the discussion
til now.

What do you think about a bidirectional gateway?

"Illegitimacy is something we should talk about in terms of not having it."
 - Governor George W. Bush, 5/20/96

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