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RE: Debian Info

On 07-Feb-2001 Eric Peng wrote:
> Hi,
> I am doing some research on the Linux operating system and have a question
> in regards to software running on Debian. If i have a piece of software that
> runs on Red Hat, will it also run on Debian? If not, what additional drivers
> or software needs to be written to conform to work on the Debian system? And
> can we get the source code right off the website at debian.org? 

on debian.org is a mirror list where you can find the code.

A package from a non debian system MAY work.  it depends on what versions of
various libs it was compiled against.

For instance, we use glibc N.N and RH used glibc M.M.  If the two versions were
not compatible, the software would not work.  It could be recompiled on other
system however, providing source was available.

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