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Installfest support

Hello, I am the new Vice President of Events and Sponsorship for the Chico
State Linux User's Group.  My job is to solicit support for our upcoming
Installfests and general meetings.  We are having an Installfest this
upcoming saturday (and once a month thereafter until the end of school)
and are looking for distros to give to our members (bigger packages we
sometimes raffle off).  Is there anyway Debian can help us out?  We're
looking for distro cd's, t-shirts, mousepads, guest speakers for our
meetings, etc.  Pretty much anything related to linux.

If you'd like to send us stuff, our address is:
Dept. of Computer Science
Attn: Clarke Steinback
CSU, Chico
Chico, CA, USA 95929-0410

If there's any info you need, you might be able to find it on 
our web page:
or you can just email me at: 

Garrett McCullough

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