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Re: [PROPOSAL] Allowing crypto in the main archive

Previously Adam Heath wrote:
> What if the non-free program contains source, but is non-free for other
> reasons?

The exact restrictions are listed in some legal documentation; you can
find it at the URL I gave earlier. We could indeed consider this on a
per-package basis, but this would mean a lot of extra work for our
ftpmaster team, which I don't think is warranted for non-free software.

> >      Programs which use patented algorithms that have a restrictied
> >      license also need to be stored on "non-us", since that is location
> >      on a site where it is not allowed to patent algorithms.
> Maybe a few examples would help.

Examples: LZW, IDEA, mp3 encoding (although there is still some controversy
if that algorithm really is patented). RSA used to be in this category but its
patent expired.


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