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Re: Status of non-US

Radovan Garabik wrote:
> AFAIK France has lifted the restriction two years ago (or so)
That's good to hear.
> > all conditions and there are countries for which exports from the US are still
> > restricted (Iran, Irak, .....). We would have to deal with these special
> > situations, but I think it is time to change. At the moment, the default
> > installation does not include any cryptographic code, which I consider to be
> > very weak. In my opinion, every installation of Debian should include at least
> > ssh instead of telnetd and every server daemon (pop3, imap, smtp, ftp, http,
>  > ....) should include SSL support by default. Even when doing that it will take
> > some time for all the clients to get upgraded to use the crypto services, but it
> > is definitely a step in the right direction.
> I agree.
Nice to hear that I am not alone :-)
How do others think about this ? Should Debian integrate non-US into main if
(and that if will have to be clarified) the laws and licenses now allow it ?

> But, isn't the US allowing the export just a trial, and not definitive yet?
I thought the laws have changed now, but I may be wrong. Does anybody know this
for sure ?

best greets,

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