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Web site his future

I was talking about it in irc with Joy and I'd like to discuss here this
question. I'd like to see for example a new style for our web pages and
I'm not an artist and I didn't see artists in the project offering help
or new ideas.

So, from the point of view of Project and rest of the world, I see that
we have only NM as way to call people to help us. I don't think we need
all people working on web site are devolopers (in the sense of packaging
or other technical aspects I mean).
I remember also Nils Lohner's Projects project and I think web question
could be related. I don't want to offer a job for developing a new
debian web site, but I'd like to call people that could be interested in
the growth of our project (also artists) but aren't interested directly
in packaging or technical development for our distribution. 

What do you think about it?

Thanks for your attention, I apologise for crosspost.


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