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Re: RFC: Constitution overhaul

lawrencc@debian.org (Chris Lawrence)  wrote on 29.09.00 in <20000929183921.A16181@watervalley.net>:

> Proposal 1: Adopt the "alternate vote" voting procedure

There are some confusions here about ties, majority, casting votes, and  
default options.

In any vote that needs any form of majority, a tie means that no option  
has won (because, obviously, none has a majority); so the easiest option  
is to not stop, but eliminate the least liked option as usual. In this  
case, that means the tied options, so you effectively end up with zero  
votes, and thus, by necessity, the default option.

This also means casting votes are actually not useful, unless we have a  
vote that does not require a majority - I don't remember any, though.  
(That would probably be a mass vote for committee members, such that N > 1  
people are to be chosen.)

> Proposal 2: Non-technical documents which alter the course of the project

Looks reasonable at first glance.

> Proposal 3: Adoption by consensus


MfG Kai

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