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Re: [nm-admin] Identification step in the current scheme (Re: Fear the new maintainer process)

>>>>> "Chris" == Chris Pimlott <pimlottc@null.net> writes:

    Chris> On Fri, 4 Aug 2000, Jim Ziegler wrote:
    >> So out with Kernigan and Ritchie, they had no scanners so could not have
    >> had anything to contribute.  (Please be sure to note that this is a 
    >> comment on the arrogance of the assumption that one who does not have
    >> convienent access to the latest technology cannot have anything of
    >> value to contribute.)

    Chris> 	There are a lot of ways to get a digitalized picture.

    Chris> 	* Scan a photo
    Chris> 	(At school, at work, at a friend's, at the library, at the
    Chris> local copy shop)

Australian outback developers not welcome?  And what's with the
sparser populated areas of the US?  School?  "We homeschool".

My highschool (Gymnasium) didn't have a scanner... okay, that was ~15
years ago, but I doubt they have one now.  My hometown (2500 people
then, 3500 now) doesn't have such fancy things.

"*Local* copy shop" shows the attitude here quite nicely, I think...

    Chris> 	* Take a picture and get it developed on PhotoCD

"get it developed"  Simple, yes, in a sufficiently large city.

    Chris> 	* Take a picture with a digital camera
    Chris> 	(Try visiting your local computer store with a floppy and try
    Chris> out one of those Sony floppy cameras (or even a normal one if the salesmen
    Chris> are good))

"*Local* computer store"  Great.

    Chris> 	* Send a photo to someone with a scanner
    Chris> 	(There's already been one developer who was volunteered this

The closest to workable... but still (IMBNPPO) too much work for too
little gain.

    Chris> 	If Debian will accept a fax quality black and white image, that
    Chris> adds more options.  Yes, not everyone has a scanner, but one of these
    Chris> should be viable (even if it ends up costing a few bucks).

What for, I ask, what for?

Bye, J

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                 "All language designers are arrogant.
               Goes with the territory..." -- Larry Wall

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