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Re: Fear the new maintainer process

> Even if you don't see any connections, and agree with the general
> principles of the new maintainer procedure, you still have to answer
> the question: What is so extremely troublesome with waiting for
> several months before closing a record? And can those reasons be
> fixed by modyfing the procedure to allow that?

Nothing is wrong with waiting for say 3 to 4 months for any sort of reply.
I don't think anyone here made a claim that it should be a week or
something less. You merely assumed that. A 3 month (1/4 year) wait is no
problem, and if the person does reply and says "I have a death in the
family" or "I just lost my job, give me time to take care of things", then
hey, that's acceptable to me to give them 3 more months to reply again. So
long as they keep in touch and don't go MIA for more than 3 month period,
then I think we can respect that RL is not always willing to let things
happen as we want.

Marcus, please stop assuming ppl are evil, that is part of the problem
with your complaints about "not being able to breath". Expect folks to get
defensive when you make such claims.


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