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Re: Fear the new maintainer process

> How can this "holding up" happen? And if it indeed can happen, this
> is an inherent problem of the process, and the process should be
> changed to allow for such delays without holding other people up.
> They don't need to "persue" something, they just need to wait.

Actively monitoring "delayed" applicants (to recheck their status etc.)
does take time, no matter how you engineer the process.

> I am getting the feeling that some (many?) people around here are
> trying to effectively close up Debian by trying to find ways to
> effectively accept less maintainers without saying so. This continues
> the "the boat is full" attitude that was omnipresent in the last long
> discussion about this issue in autumn last year.

No, this is just a matter of putting limits on things to keep the
maintainence of them sane. If you want we can start this flamewar again
and I can start up with "OH yeah, let's just crack the phone books and
call everyone and let them be a developer!!", but that isn't what this is
about. It's merely a maintainence issue, don't make it out for something
it isn't.


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