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Re: Fear the new maintainer process

Am Mit, 26 Jul 2000 14:59:12 Joop Stakenborg Sie:

> If you are
> not happy with the guidelines we have set up, why don't you start a 
> on nm-discuss?

> Marcus wrote:
> > I criticized the new procedure as soon as it was outlined by Wichert
> > Ackermann, and never received an answer to my detailed critique.
> > 
> You must be an expert on this field.

What can I say else? You invite me to start a discussion, which I did,
long ago before nm-discuss existed. But a discussion requires more than
an opening.

Neither the remainder of the old new maintainer team (Joey), nor
Wichert seemed to really want a discussion of this. The new maintainer
initiative by Dale existed only to implement the roadmap outlaid
by Wichert (even more "strict" than he outlined it), so what should
I have done there, who I objected against the direction it was going to?

Nobody could really tell me what the problems with the old new 
procedures really were, and I believe the old rules were sufficient.


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