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Re: Clarifications

>>>>> "Hamish" == Hamish Moffatt <hamish@debian.org> writes:

    >> "What is Debian?
    >> Debian is a mostly free operating system (OS) for your
    >> computer."

    Hamish> Not at all. The distribution contains only 'main' right
    Hamish> now, and that's not going to change. non-free and contrib
    Hamish> are add-ons which some of our users may choose to use.

If Debian is truly a "free operating system for my computer", then I
see no contradiction in ceasing to distribute non-free software from
the Debian FTP sites.

Perhaps this is not what Debian really is though?  Many Debian
developers (and users) seem to feel that non-free is a critical part
of the Debian project.

If this is true, then certainly the web page should be changed.  After
all, it is probably the first thing that someone visiting the Debian
web page for the first time will read.  

I certainly do not claim to say what Debian is.  I am not even a
developer.  But distributing proprietary software and yet still
claiming Debian is a "free operating system" seems inconsistent.

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