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Re: Incoming

Jason Gunthorpe wrote:
> On Mon, 3 Apr 2000, Mark Brown wrote:
> > Would it be possible for Incoming to be made avalible via FTP as well as
> > HTTP?  Both can have problems with firewalls and forced proxying, but
> I don't think so, ftp is going to remain turned off on that machine.  If
> you can't fetch things from the web, but can via ftp I think you have some
> serious 'issues' ;>

Yes, but not ones that he (or I) are necessarily in control of. 
Although I can download from ftp.debian.org at around 50-100k/s I can
only get around 7-10k/s via http.  This is because our ISP has a
'transparent' proxy cache and have somehow misconfigured it.  As a
result I regularly have problems downloading files larger than around
4MB via HTTP.

Sure I've complained, but does it do any good?

Is there some way that ftp could remain enabled?  As Mark says: some
proxies have problems with one, and some have problems with the other,
but it would be nice to have access to an ftp archive of incoming.

If ftp is to remain off on that machine, can some 'close' machine with
ftp on have a sync'd copy of incoming on it?

					Andrew McMillan
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