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[amos@eagle.fcts.org: The Greater Franklin County Linux Project, Massachusetts]

Webmaster gets these from time to time.. and I normally just send them off
to the leader@d.o email address.  However, this one seemed interesting and I
thought I'd bring it to the attention of the whole project (or atleast the
subset that subscribes to -project).

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From: Amos Wetherbee <amos@eagle.fcts.org>
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Subject: The Greater Franklin County Linux Project, Massachusetts
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March 17, 2000

To whom it may concern:

   I am sending this letter at the request of our Regional Technology
Partnership Coordinator who is presently completing an application to Bell
Atlantic for an EdLink Grant Award. This program is aimed at linking
Massachusetts students to future technology careers. I send this with the
hope that your organization might be interested in sponsoring our project
in the form of endorsement and possible technical support. Our overall
wish is that you may be able to assist our goals by allowing us to utilize
your logo and a possible letter for our partnership application. We are
also seeking solutions for providing technical support to our project
partners. Together, it is my belief that we may both profit by bringing
Linux professionals into the workforce and by providing our community with
training and support in this revolutionary operating system.
   Below, please find a summary statement of our proposed project and

     The Greater Franklin County Linux Project is designed to provide
   technology training and work-based learning opportunities in the Linux
   operating system. We hope to support and advance the use of technology
   in education and promote the development of critical technology and
   career competencies that business and industry increasingly demand of
   the workforce. Students, teachers, and technical support staff from the
   eight high schools in the Technology in Education Partnership (TEP) of
   Greater Franklin County will work together as a team to learn elements
   of the Linux operating system; to implement Linux in ways uniquely
   adapted to each participating school; to public document and
   disseminate an electronic "operations manual" that facilitates the
   application of Linux to a K-12 education environment; and to develop an
   adaptive Linux curriculum unit that can be tailored to and taught in a
   variety of educational environments. Central to the project is an
   innovative mentorship model that recognizes both students and teachers
   as contributors and partners in learning. A unique "reverse mentorship"
   will encourage both constituencies to collaborate throughout the
   development process and to draw on each other's strengths. At the same
   time, business and industry mentors will work with students, teachers,
   and technology coordinators to strengthen the relationship between the
   school and the business community to ensure the relevance and
   real-world application of training, and encourage the development of
   both technical and non-technical career skills in student participants.

   It is my sincere hope that we will be able to collaborate on possible
endorsement opportunities that will jointly benefit our organizations.
Currently, our deadline for seeking endorsement is March 23rd. To
reiterate our requests, we are looking for permission to use your
organization's logo and a possible letter on our partnership application,
and we are asking for possible opportunities for us to use your support
services to help our community in the transition from traditional
operating systems to the Linux OS. I look forward to your response.

Amos Wetherbee
Certified Linux Developer
The Greater Franklin County Linux Project, Massachusetts

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