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Re: [Free speech related] Petition in the DVD case

On Fri, 28 Jan 2000, Christian Meder wrote:

> The arrest is related to the federal lawsuits filed by the <a
> href="www.mpaa.org">Motion Picture Association of America
> </a> which seek to prevent dissemination of the DeCSS code over the
> Internet.
Luckily they are ridiculing themselves by disseminating their very own
"trade secret" themselves and thus rendering their efforts worthless:

  DVD Lawsuit Spreads Its Own 'Trade Secrets':

  "http://linuxtoday.com/story.php3?sn=15803"; and
> Johansen and his father face up to three years in prison if convicted.
How can this still be upheld under these circumstances? :-)

                                    Cheers, P. *8^)

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