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Re: When NM reopens

Julian Gilbey wrote:
> I've just had a thought, prompted by a new potential developer's
> question on the -qa list.  When the floodgates reopen soon, we're
> going to have a lot of new developers and not that many easy packages
> to work on initially.  I know for myself that packaging a
> straightforward, essentially clean and bug-free initial package,
> taking it through the manual -> debhelper transition, etc., was a
> really good learning experience.  I guess that it would be a wise idea
> for seasoned developers to consider offering simple packages to the
> incoming new maintainers so that they can learn the packaging tools
> and the intricacies of policy requirements without having to cope
> initially with a large number of bug reports.  I would be happy to
> hand on some of my simple packages to the new developers and even do
> some handholding.
> Anyone else think similarly?

Actually yeah. I was thinking about dropping 20 or so games for new
maintainers who wanted something easy to get started on.

see shy jo

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