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Re: Signal/noise ratio on -devel

Wichert Akkerman writes:

> [debian-devel] exists to discuss any technical issues surounding
> debian. And that can be anything ranging from archive management to
> development strategies to implementing acceptable defaults.

I agree. I just see a lot of supposedly technical discussions lately
that devolve into a waste of time. I guess it's not my loss if other
people do that, but I *like* Debian and I'd rather not hear people
cracking jokes about how we can never get a release out in a timely
manner because we're too busy flaming eachother.

The thread in question, about PATH and /sbin, is not extremely
complicated as far as the technical issues go. We know *how* to
implement whatever default path we want; the issue is really deciding
*what* to implement (not to mention deciding whether or not "defaults"
should be agonized over at all (you can probably guess where I stand

I short, i'm probably splitting hairs, but I think this thread would
be more appropriate for -project. Along with whatever the next big
debate happens to be. If this was a rare occurence, I probably
wouldn't have been fed up enough to write my previous post.

(As a side issue, there is a bit of a problem of "I'm going to post to
-devel because everyone reads that and not enough people read
-(project|boot|legal|gtk-gnome|etc)." But that's a whole other rant.)

> If a thread doesn't interest you, don't read it.

I guess I wasn't really clear on that; I put -devel in a separate
folder, and i didn't read the thread. I'm not complaining about me
having to expend effort; it just happens that these sort of threads
have been increasing lately.

OTOH, i've really only been following the list for a year or so, so
what do i know. *shrug*

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