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Bug#982742: cups: config of usb printer now impossible due to usblp and libusb conficting (used to work!)

Am Mon, 15 Feb 2021 15:28:57 +0100
schrieb Till Kamppeter <till.kamppeter@gmail.com>:

Hi Till,

thanks for your efforts to help. But to avoid any confusion I summarize
the situation:

My printer works fine with this computer under the following
Booting a LIVE-ISO (Debain/sid based ISO from siduction.org) or booting
an installation based on this LIVE-ISO which then got dist-upgraded. 
On both installations I can configure and then print either using
OKI-B432_010E46_USB (which seams to be the driverless IPP printer) or
OKI_DATA_CORP_B432 (which seams to be the printer configured using the
vendor PPD file). No problem whatsoever (allthough avahi-utils not
installed here).

The problem occured in my years old comprehensive installation which I
use daily. Here the printer used to work
initially (printer bought 2017) until it stopped working about a year
Now, with Brians help, we could narrow down the problem to ipp-usb
not working correctly. On this installation, removing ipp-usb makes
the printer visible and configurable using the vendor PPD file in the
cups administration. (BTW, avahi-utils installed here).

So my overall conclusion is the following:
(A) indicates, there is no HW failure and ipp-usb works fine and
reliably with this printer.

(B) There is a flaw somewhere within this installation which *affects*
ipp-usb without ipp-usb neccessarily being the cause.

So if we still dig deeper into this it boils down to searching for
whatever flaw prevents ipp-usb to work correctly *on this installation
I therefor reinstalled ipp-usb here (B).

> On 15/02/2021 14:27, mh wrote:
> > I then investigated the LIVE-ISO. To my surprise ipp-usb is
> > installed within the LIVE-ISO.   
> ipp-usb is part of the standard installation in Debian and Ubuntu, to 
> support printers which do driverless IPP printing.
> Standard-conforming printers should work out-of-the-box with that.
> > All the commands which failed/did have an empty
> > output on my default system work here with the expected output (I
> > guess), except for # avahi-browse -rt _ipp._tcp due to avahi-browse
> > not being installed:
> > 
> > # /usr/lib/cups/backend/usb
> > DEBUG: Loading USB quirks from "/usr/share/cups/usb".
> > DEBUG: Loaded 98 quirks.
> > DEBUG: list_devices
> > DEBUG: libusb_get_device_list=9
> > DEBUG: Failed to detach "usblp" module from 06bc:0357
> >   
> The "usb" backend probably simply encounters your printer's USB
> occupied by some process here, not knowing that it is actually
> ipp-usb and not the "usblp" kernel module. The method for getting rid
> of the kernel module seems no to remove the connection of ipp-usb.
> > # systemctl list-units "ipp-usb*" | grep service
> >    ipp-usb.service loaded active running Daemon for IPP over USB
> > printer support
> > 
> > # lpstat -t
> > Zeitplandienst läuft
> > Keine systemvoreingestellten Ziele
> > Gerät für OKI_DATA_CORP_B432:
> > ipp://OKI-B432-010E46%20(USB)._ipp._tcp.local/
> > OKI_DATA_CORP_B432 akzeptiert Anfragen seit Mo 15 Feb 2021 12:45:49
> > CET Drucker OKI_DATA_CORP_B432 ist im Leerlauf.  Aktiviert seit Mo
> > 15 Feb 2021 12:45:49 CET
> > 
> > # lpstat -l -e
> > OKI_B432_010E46_USB_ network none
> > ipp://OKI-B432-010E46%20(USB)._ipp._tcp.local/
> > OKI_DATA_CORP_B432 permanent
> > ipp://localhost/printers/OKI_DATA_CORP_B432
> > ipp://OKI-B432-010E46%20(USB)._ipp._tcp.local/
> >   
> This looks like that a driverless print queue got created
> automatically. Could you run these two commands:
> lp -d OKI_B432_010E46_USB_ ~/.bashrc
> lp -d OKI_DATA_CORP_B432 ~/.bashrc
> Do you get something printed? If yes, by the first command? By the 
> second? Both?
> > # avahi-browse -rt _ipp._tcp
> > Command 'avahi-browse' not found, but can be installed with:
> > apt install avahi-utils
> >   
> Install this command by actually doing
> sudo apt install avahi-utils
> Then run the command again and post the output here.
> > 
> > @ till.kamppeter
> > As much as I'm willing to help, from what I can tell now I assume
> > there is not much to debug *direktly* related to the printer. Tell
> > me if you think otherwise.
> >  
> If the printer is capable of driverless printing via an
> auto-generated all is OK. But if it is not capable of that but
> pretends to be capable then somewhere is a bug, in our software or in
> the printer, in the latter case we caould perhaps work around in our
> software.

I am not sure whether it's worth to investigate the (A) situation, as
there all is working fine. But as you think 
DEBUG: Failed to detach "usblp" module from 06bc:0357
points to a problem, I'll do some testing:

> lp -d OKI_B432_010E46_USB_ ~/.bashrc
> lp -d OKI_DATA_CORP_B432 ~/.bashrc

Both commands successfully printed.
Note: this is not the installation I have problems with!

The same on the problematic installation (B) with ipp-usb reinstalled
and rebooted:

$  lp -d OKI_B432_010E46_USB_ ~/.bashrc
lp: Error - The printer or class does not exist.

~$ lp -d OKI_DATA_CORP_B432 ~/.bashrc
Anfrage-ID ist OKI_DATA_CORP_B432-5 (1 Datei(en))

but NO print. And in the cups joblist the same long known error:

"Warte darauf dass der Drucker verfügbar wird."
Waiting for the printer to become available

And the printer's little LCD is showing: Ready to print.

And the moment I purge ipp-usb again, the printer starts to
print without the job being sent again.

> > 
> > BTW (not related the this malfunction):
> > There are already some OKI PPD files available in the cups config,
> > including the PPD file for the preceding model.  
> What do you mean with this? Is there a PPD for your printer included
> in Debian or Ubuntu? Or did you download it directly from Oki?
> > Could I do anything to
> > help to include the appropriate vendor PPD file
> > for my printer (freely availabe on their webite) in the
> > printer-driver-oki package (or whichever package is the rightone)?  
> If the PPDs are under a free software license we can add them to 
> OpenPrinting (and this way to all distributions and also the
> PostScript Printer Application).
>     Till

No PPD on Debian or Ubuntu, and yes, I downloaded directly from OKI:


The licence shown on this site is rather restricted.

I file a wish-bug as suggested by Brian.



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