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Bug#982742: cups: config of usb printer now impossible due to usblp and libusb conficting (used to work!)




Michael Hatzold (CCed) reports a problem with ipp-usb. The printer provides a 7/1/4 interface on USB, meaning that it supports IPP-over-USB and with this, according to the standards, driverless printing (and scanning if it is a MFP).

This particular model seems to have some bug though. Due to it providing 7/1/4 ipp-usb attaches to it but it does not provide driverless IPP printing then.

As this can possibly be a bug in ipp-usb or the need of a quirk exception in ipp-usb, I want to ask you whether you could debug this together with Michael as you also had made my scanner work together with me.

Thanks in advance.


On 15/02/2021 11:26, Brian Potkin wrote:
On Sun 14 Feb 2021 at 20:31:28 +0100, mh wrote:


# ippfind -T 5

An IPP printer is not found. This would fit the observation that
cups-browsed has not set up a print queue. I have come to the
conclusion that the B432 does not implement IPP-over-USB correctly.

A queue set up with a vendor PPD will not function while ipp-usb is
active, so purge it and proceed as you did with the Live ISO. Also
see #982190:




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