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Bug#982742: cups: config of usb printer now impossible due to usblp and libusb conficting (used to work!)

On Sun 14 Feb 2021 at 12:56:11 +0100, mh wrote:

> Am Sun, 14 Feb 2021 11:21:45 +0000
> schrieb Brian Potkin <claremont102@gmail.com>:
> > Michael, don't forget to mail the bug; I sent the last one there for
> > you.
> Thanks. I wondered whether I should respond to your mail address. Now I
> did CC 982742@bugs.debian.org if that's what you suggested.

That's better. Thanks.
> > 
> > "bInterfaceProtocol      4" indicates that the printer understands
> > IPP=over-USB. Now give
> > 
> >   systemctl list-units "ipp-usb*" | grep service
> # systemctl list-units "ipp-usb*" | grep service
> ~#

An empty output is unexpected. What happens with

  systemctl start ipp-usb


  systemctl status ipp-usb

with the printer connected and disconnected?

> > 
> > and
> > 
> >   lpstat -t
> # lpstat -t
> Zeitplandienst läuft
> Keine systemvoreingestellten Ziele
> lpstat: Keine Druckziele hinzugefügt.
> lpstat: Keine Druckziele hinzugefügt.
> lpstat: Keine Druckziele hinzugefügt.
> lpstat: Keine Druckziele hinzugefügt.
> Meaning:
> time table service running
> No preconfigured system targets
> lpstat: No printing targets added.
This is the expected output if ipp-usb is not active.
> BTW: I had IPP-USB configured once, but for that to happen I had to
> connect the printer using a LAN cable. And I could not print either.
> But there may have been other misconfigurations be involved, too, as I
> didn't really understand how to configure a LAN connection for the
> printer. 

IPP-over-USB is for a USB connection only. See sections 13, 14 and 15


> *As a layman* I am guessing whether this USB mess happens due to timing
> issues (live ISO is runing in RAM, so runs very responsive). Shouldn't
> any solution involve solving the apparent conflict between libusb and
> usblp?

I am not skilled in USB matters and first wanted to discover whether
the printing system is working as designed.



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