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Bug#970725: cups-client: lpoptions fails to get printer options

Control: tags -1 +pending

Le dimanche, 22 novembre 2020, 19.29:54 h CET Brian Potkin a écrit :
> found 970725 2.3.3op1-106-ga72b0140e-1
> thanks
> It is not too surprising to still find the described behaviour in
> the experimental version of cups-client as it contains the patch
> "Make lpoptions list a printer's options correctly also when CUPS
> is running on an alternative port".

You're right. This patch was in the Ubuntu fork (to work best in Ubuntu snaps 
I guess), which I imported.

So I forwarded to (the new) upstream there

… where it got put to doubt by Michael Sweet (upstream author).

So I'll remove it from unstable and experimental.



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