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Bug#972089: marked as done (Backport hplip 3.20.5 to buster-backports)

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has caused the Debian Bug report #972089,
regarding Backport hplip 3.20.5 to buster-backports
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--- Begin Message --- Package: hplip
Severity: wishlist patch
Tags: buster


Why I'd like this to be backported to buster-backports ?
My new printer, an HP 2700 series is only compatible with HP Lip 3.20.5+. This is based on my own tests where only half of printed pages are printed. This is also based on the upstream table where it is indicated the "HP DeskJet 2700 All-in-One Printer series" is compatible with 3.20.5.

What did I already do to figure this out?
With the help of Samuel Thibault, I was able to recompile HP Lip 3.20.5 on a Buster virtual machine and I produced two patch for it. The patches are attached to this mail. One is to update the debian/patches/series file and the second one is to refresh the patch 0072 (just a quilt refresh on it). I initially would like to propose a pull request on Salsa but there is no branch to submit the changes.

What my patch does?
It reverts all the python3.8 specific patches because Debian Buster is based on Python 3.7 and because python3.7 library is named "python3.7m", not only python3.7.

What I think HP Lip should be backported to buster-backports?
I think it'd be really helpful for people would like to stay on stable with new HP printers which require new HP Lip to have a new version in backports.

How do I check if it works?
1. I upgraded the compiled packages with the following command:
sudo dpkg -iO .../*.deb

2) I rebooted my virtual machine to ensure the new HP Lip version is loaded

3) I configured my HP Desktop 3630 printer (launched with system-config-printer)

4) I tried a print test job launched with system-config-printer

5) I tried a scan with simple-scan

Everything seems to work correctly.

Thanks in advance,

< 0071-Fix-building-with-Python-3.8.patch
< 0073-py3.8-Fix-SyntaxWarning-is-is-not-with-a-literal.patch
< 0074-py3.8-Assume-the-python3-distro-package-is-available.patch
< diff --git a/configure.in b/configure.in
< index 7f6982c..ced1f47 100755
< --- a/configure.in
< +++ b/configure.in
< @@ -604,20 +604,31 @@ if test "$class_driver" = "no" && test "$hpijs_only_build" = "no" && test "$hpcu
> Index: hplip-3.20.5+dfsg0/configure.in
> ===================================================================
> --- hplip-3.20.5+dfsg0.orig/configure.in
> +++ hplip-3.20.5+dfsg0/configure.in
> @@ -604,20 +604,31 @@ if test "$class_driver" = "no" && test "
< @@ -633,7 +644,6 @@ if test "$class_driver" = "no" && test "$hpijs_only_build" = "no" && test "$lite
> @@ -630,7 +641,6 @@ if test "$class_driver" = "no" && test "
>     AS_IF([test "x$FOUND_HEADER" != "xyes"],

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Version: 3.20.9+dfsg0-4~bpo10+1

Le jeudi, 15 octobre 2020, 08.33:26 h CET Didier 'OdyX' Raboud a écrit :
> Backporting sane-airscan is straightforward (just tried), and could make a
> nice improvement to buster(-backports).
> It seems I'll upload both hplip and sane-airscan once their version reach
> bullseye.

Hplip backport uploaded, accepted, and built.

sane-airscan is being uploaded currently.


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