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Bug#941580: Printer don't work properly with ghostscript 2.27

[ re-sending with ASCII headers to please Debian mailservers ]

Hi Michael,

Quoting Michael Schütz (2019-10-09 12:56:52)
> I had a similar issue. After upgrading to 'buster' my printer doesn't 
> work. After downgrade ghostscript, libgs9 and libgs9-common to version 
> from oldstable (ghostscript 9.26) everything is running as usual.

Please file a separate bugreport with the details of your encounter.  
Prefarably file the bugreport against the printer driver you use.

Similarly looking bugs can have different causes, and specifically in 
the area of recent Ghostscript changes the causes was likely _triggered_ 
by changes in Ghostscript (tightening of previously insecure processing) 
which needs to be _fixes_ in various different packages where that code 
is being passed to Ghostscript.

Kind regards,

 - Jonas

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