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Re: Bug#935918: cups: can't read hpcups PPDs

Le mardi, 1 octobre 2019, 01.07:29 h CEST Brian Potkin a écrit :
> The changelog mentions only printer-driver-postscript-hp PPDs. Is that
> the issue?
> root@debian:~# dpkg -l printer-driver-hpcups
> ii  printer-driver-hpcups 3.19.8+dfsg0-6 i386         HP Linux Printing and
> Imaging - CUPS Raster dr> root@debian:~#
> root@debian:~# lpadmin -p 5000 -v file:/dev/null -E -m
> drv:///hpcups.drv/hp-envy_5000_series.ppd lpadmin: Printer drivers are
> deprecated and will stop working in a future version of CUPS. lpadmin:
> Unable to open PPD "/tmp/052c15d9f9626": Illegal option keyword string on
> line 198.

I could reproduce this, and use it as a test-case to make sure I'd really fix 
it this time. So thank you Brian for this!

Le mardi, 1 octobre 2019, 10.30:30 h CEST Till Kamppeter a écrit :
> Unfortunately, HP has also invented some page size entries named
> "Custom", being a copy of US Legal, for some of their inkjets in
> hpcups.drv. I have fixed this for Ubuntu. See
> https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/hplip/3.19.6+dfsg0-1ubuntu1

Ah, thank you Till for the hint to look in the right direction.

I have fixed it slightly differently, through puttting dat2drv.py to use 
during the build; but the result is very similar. Uploaded as hplip 
3.19.8+dfsg0-7 just now.


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