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Re: ippusbxd: Error: libusb init failed with error: LIBUSB_ERROR_OTHER

On 08/02/2019 14:38, Brian Potkin wrote:
With my ENVY4500 I find I can no longer scan over USB. Is this a
consequence o using ippusbxd which cannot be overcome?

This is normal, ippusbxd blocks the USB connection to the printer, making the printer exclusively communicating through ippusbxd (probably needed because there are 3 communication channels for parallel communication, like job transfer and status feedback). The printer's scanning functionality with HPLIP still uses the classic USB scanning (protocol 3 = proprietary packet, not 4 = IPP-over-USB). Driverless IPP scanning is already a defined standard of the Printing Working Group (PWG) but not yet adopted by the hardware industry. Probably its first implementation will be its use in Linux, with the coding work done in this year's Google Summer of Code.

But there is already a way to scan through ippusbxd (not needing to stop it): Simply have ippusbxd running and access the printer's web admin interface (http://localhost:60000/). Select "Scan" in there and scan out of your web browser, but no multi-page scans supported though. I have used this for stress-testing ippusbxd, to generate a whole lot of data in the opposite direction. See


In general, the easiest way to get full use of an HP MF device for end users still is connecting it via the network (Ethernet or Wi-Fi).


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