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Re: IPP-over-USB

On 24/09/18 20:53, Brian Potkin wrote:
An addition to the wiki:




Note that the dummy0 is not the recommended method here. I was my first approach to work around the shortcomings of Avahi.

The recommended method is to patch Avahi as described in README.md. This way no new network interface needs to get introduced, no service being started for it on boot, and, most important, printers appear on localhost as the standard for IPP-over-USB requires it.

The patch for Avahi I have submitted upstream already long ago but it was simply not accepted due to the fact that Avahi's maintainer has disappeared and so Avahi is currently completely unmaintained (Volunteers, please!!!). At Ubuntu we carry this patch as a distro patch already for a year or so, without any problems and with IPP-over-USB printers working either with the systemd service which comes with ippusbxd or with the systemd service of system-config-printer-udev.

It would be great if you could do the same implementation in Debian.


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