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stretch-backport for cups-pdf 3.0.1-5


I have recently posted a request for a stretch-backport for cups-pdf 3.0.1-5, here:

Instead of a backport, the responses to the request were to contact the maintainer(s). Would "push a upload into stable main repository via proposed-updates mechanism" be a possibility?

The response from Boyuan Yang, byang@debian.org:
Have you talked with the current maintainer of cups-pdf already?If not, please consult with them and see if we could push a upload into stable main repository via proposed-updates mechanism. If the fix is trivial, a minimal patch on top of current stable cups-pdf source would be highly appreciated instead of preparing a fresh new upstream version (which is also likely to be rejected by the Release Team). If you have already talked with the printing team, their suggestion on such backport upload would be valuable too. Thank you and looking forward to hearing your thoughts. -- Regards, Boyuan Yang

Thank you,

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