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Bug#908604: cups-browsed: An IPP printer and the GTK printdialog

Package: cups-browsed
Version: 1.21.2-1
Severity: normal
Tags: upstream

The cups service is not running and the print dialog of evince shows:

      Print to File
      print        Upstairs   Rejecting Jobs

LaserJet-300 and realq are remote, shared queues on a stretch server;
print is an ENVY 4500 printer with


I reckon "Rejecting Jobs" is because evince knows the printer cannot
process the cairo-generated PDF it will send. I bit of a pain, really.

But cups-browsed has often come to the rescue in the past, so start it
(which starts cups).

Now the print dialog display is

      Print to File
      print        Upstairs   Rejecting Jobs

Splendid; the ENVY 4500 can now be printed to. And, as a bonus, the
*_desktop entries can be filtered out to declutter the dialog.

But hold on! The ENVY4500 entry disappears a minute afterwards; a good
idea comes to nothing.

What I think is happening is that cups-browsed can hijack the realq and
LaserJet-300 destinations from cups but with print there is nothing to
take over, leading to cups managing a queue which is temporary. Close?

A better solution In this situation (without using cups-browsed) is

   lpadmin -p ENVY4500 -v ipp://.... -E -m everywhere



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